About Us


Technology is our passion, and using it right is our skill. We are always on the look out for cutting-edge reliable technologies that can add value. We pride ourselves in our planning, design, and execution that helps us deliver, as our customers say, "best-aligned and on-time" solutions.


Good Planning, Great Developers, Super Execution is our powerhouse; but our ability to incorporate and respond to the changing business needs is the steering control of our ship. That's what makes us successful with customers, and gives our customers a confidence in our relationship with them.


To be the most trusted technology partner, delivering best in class innovative solutions to our customers.


We lay great emphasis on quality, scalability, transparency, and commitment. This ensures smooth execution with a faster turn-around, that not only benefits our customers in the short term, but also helps them efficiently evolve with the technology as their business scales up.


We are constantly evaluating ourselves and challenging our own thoughts, figuring out creative ways to do things more effectively and efficiently. Embracing innovation is a part of our culture at Stellarys. This adds value in our ecosystem, which translates into great benefits for our customers and end users.


→   Enable our clients to become high performance businesses
→   Build long-term relationships by consistently delivering value
→   Build a great workplace, a great team to work with
→   Encourage ideas, talent and innovative approaches
→   Continuously exceed the expectations of stakeholders

Core Values

Following values serve as a compass for our decisions big and small



Customer Focus

Embracing Change






Our services are based around Information Technology (IT) Strategy, Management and Development. We help our customers bootstrap products for proof of concepts, MVPs and build complex software for their business.

Strategy Consulting

Looking to augment your business plan with a robust, aligned technology roadmap? We can help you set the right orientation and make the right choices for you, so you can maximize ROI, reduce costs and TCO, mitigate risks and ultimately drive business growth with your IT infrastructure.

Enterprise/Web Apps

Moving your business onto IT, or making your dream concept a reality that you can quickly take to the market - we've got the expertise to make it happen for you. We work with an array of open source technologies and frameworks that have a strong community backing and are at their peak of the life cycle.

Mobile Apps

We help our customers re-think the interactions with their users, and build an effective mobile strategy to maintain a seamless user experience, anticipate user needs and serve them with a sense of inclusivity. This helps in increasing outreach, customer satisfaction and reducing customer response time and costs.


We work with many open source technologies to build value for our customers. Below are some of the popular choices.

Get in touch with us at info@stellarys.com